Gassy Food Diets

General Information:

A gassy foods diet means eating foods that cause you to make less gas. Some foods may cause you not to feel gas inside your abdomen (belly). By not eating these foods, you may lessen the amount of gas made by your body.


To pass less gas, do not use straws to drink from bottles with narrow openings. Eating slowly and not smoking will also lessen gas. Drink fewer bubbly liquids, such as soda pop or beer. Do not eat foods that have a lot of air in them, such as whipped cream or meringue. Sipping drinks, chewing gum, or sucking hard candy make you swallow often. This may also cause you to make more gas. Do not eat the foods below for many weeks or until your gas goes away. You may be able to eat small amounts of these foods again. When you are ready to try foods, add one food at a time to see if you get gas. Wait a few days before trying a new food.

The Foods Below Cause Gas:

Cream Milk Ice Cream
Milk Products Ice Milk  

High Fat Foods
Fatty Meats Pastries Fried Foods
Rich Cream Sauces Gravies  

Broccoli Brussel Sprouts Cabbage
Cauliflower Corn Cucumber
Green Pepper Kohlrabi Lima Beans
Onions Radishes Rutabaga
Sauerkraut Turnips  

Artificial Sweeteners
Mannitol Sorbitol  

Dried Legumes
Baked Beans Lentils Dried Beans
Soybeans Dried Peas  

Apples Prunes Bananas
Raisins Melon  

Bran Cereal or Breads Large Amount of Wheat Products